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Numerous reports over the course of the past few years have indicated what's possibly found in your tap water. For instance, tap water may contain high levels of lead or chlorine, while underground water often becomes a breeding ground for parasites. Even bottled water isn't as safe as once thought. However, if you have a water filtration system, you know the water you and your family or your employees drink will be safe as long as you regularly change the filter and have it serviced when necessary.

Importance of Filtered Water

Standard tap water contains chemicals used to remove parasites and other harmful matter from water. Chlorine is one of these chemicals, and this particular substance has a distinctive taste. Because a filter removes the chlorine, it provides you with water that tastes better than standard tap water. Your water may still have bacteria, debris or other microscopic particles, especially if you have well water, but a water filter will remove these imperfections, preventing you from consuming them. Some filters also remove lead. Installing a filtration system is cheaper than purchasing bottled water.


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